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RED Friday Organization

Veteran Service Commemoration Stickers

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Veteran Service Commemoration Stickers: The RED Friday Organization’s Nov 11 commemoration sticker raises the levels of national veteran awareness all year long. Please help us spread the word in support for our community, get these quality holographic prominent weather-proof stickers  $19.99 ($17.99 with veteran discount) for three, or $9.99 for one ($8.00 with veteran discount).

Use your code for a 10% discount for more savings.  

Proceeds from sticker sales support:

Sticker size: 3" x 2"

*A private online military and public safety sector chat group for veterans and serving members that provides a moderated safe space to share experiences and feelings.

* Funding for couples equine therapy at Can Praxis for veterans and first responders with Operational

Stress Injuries.

* veteran peer support training

* RED Friday programs and services