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Paws 4 "Lucy" White T-Shirt

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PAWS 4 “LUCY “founded by Bombadier (ret’d) Fire Rescue mbr. (ret’d) Geoff Logue CD, is about a team that is bringing the highest inspiration to k-9 handlers and Veterans in this Country. Geoff started with the (late) Luna in 2008 as one of the first service dogs in the Canadian Armed Forces to help him through his OSI and trauma.

Together they were on National TV and sat in the Senate inspiring other soldiers and showing the world that there is nothing to be ashamed of with mental health issues. Luna passed away recently and Geoff was in turmoil desperate to have the companion he needed to keep going.

Graciously a couple along with PRO k-9 in Winnipeg, Manitoba donated Lucy, a Belgium Malinois/Czech Shepherd to Geoff. The team has been pushing forward and inspiring others. Geoff is also well known for his artistic and musical talents as he has created the very images you see here with very little.

I’m pleased to announce this new product line coming and as Geoff and Lucy work hard making others proud to have working dogs and support veterans with their k-9’s , I will make him proud to create the best for our community of operators, first responders, and veterans who wear our kit.