We at the Tactical74 marketplace kick off the 2021 summer by celebrating an exclusive printing partnership with the team at Krypteia !

Since its founding in 2019, the Krypteia team has been busy analyzing the data to develop programs in nutrition, strength, endurance, performance, and industry-specific training for individuals looking to take their performance to the next level. 

Krypteia uses the techniques developed and trialled in special operations to help enhance athletic performance, support military fitness and develop future athletes as modern Spartans. 

This is what their founders said regarding the printing partnership between and 

”We met with several print-on-demand  companies out there. Many had the best software but couldn't deliver on quality. Others had great products but at insane prices.  We couldn't find any company willing to go the extra mile for our product launch. Then we were referred to the Tactical74 marketplace.  We approached them and they stepped up to take on the challenge of coming up with a solution that would meet our needs. They came through on their end and impressed us with their product and how the team operates.  We have vetted who they are and how they run the business. That's why we see the potential of the marketplace.  They also know about confidentiality which is a bonus. Overall, we can definitely vouch for them. Until that trust is broken, we will continue to as our exclusive provider of brand materials."